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From power generation to production of
renewable natural gas.


Sustainable Engineering Ltd. was founded in December 2010 by Konstantinos and Alexandros Alexandridis, engineers with many years of experience in natural gas transmission and distribution technologies.

The initial scope of the company’s activities was to transfer the research wealth that exists in the field of Bioenergy at a domestic and international level to the real needs of production, in view of the objectives of effective environmental and energy management.

The two main areas on which the research and construction activity of the company was initially focused were the anaerobic digestion of biomass and the co-generation of electrical and thermal energy. Of course, the complex production plants had to incorporate various additional and auxiliary functions such as the collection, storage and pre-treatment of the feedstocks (biomass), the treatment, intermediate storage and disposal of the residue (digestate), the treatment (desulphurization, dehydration, compression) of the biogas before entry in the cogeneration unit, as well as numerous safety facilities against overpressures, overheating and leaks of methane to the atmosphere.

With the accumulated experience in the organization, construction, operation and management of biogas units, Sustainable Engineering reorients and expands the scope of its activities in the production of Biomethane (renewable natural gas) as a final product, diversifying both the production methodologies (to the anaerobic digestion are added the gasification and methanation of hydrogen) as well as in the end-use sectors of biomethane (transportation, heating and industry are added to power generation).



Conversion of power plants to biomethane


New biomethane plants


Financing biomethane plants