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From power generation to production of
renewable natural gas.


Agromethane Hellas S.A. was founded in January 2022 with the main objective of continuing the activities of Aiforo Technique in the field of Biogas production and expanding them to the production and distribution of Biomethane.

With the accumulated experience in the organization, construction, operation and management of biogas power plants acquired in the decade 2010-2020, Agromethane Hellas is expanding the scope of its activities in the production of Biomethane (renewable natural gas) as a final product, thus diversifying the methodologies production (gasification and methanation are added to anaerobic digestion) and biomethane end-use sectors (transportation, heating and industry are added to power generation).

The gas transmission and distribution networks do not have the density of those of electricity, as a result of which it is difficult to transport the new energy product (Biomethane) to consumption. For this reason, various transport methods are applied (injection into transmission networks, injection into distribution networks, land transport in compressed form, transport in liquid phase, etc.).

In these sectors, Agromethane Hellas, thanks to the 30 years of experience of its executives in the distribution of Natural Gas, proposes and implements the most suitable solutions for the production and distribution of Biomethane. The latter include innovative combinations of compressed (Bio-CNG) and liquefied (Bio-LNG) biomethane transport and storage.



Conversion of power plants to biomethane


New biomethane plants


Financing biomethane plants