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New biomethane plants

The development of new biomethane units requires a strategic planning that will successfully address the three main components, already known from the development of power generation projects: The provision of raw materials, the possibility of disposal of the produced biomethane, the efficient and environmentally acceptable disposal of the digested residue. To these must be added the possibility of making the product available, for which the limitations have more to do with the existence of receiving infrastructure (natural gas transmission and distribution networks) than with the available capacity – network potential that applies to electricity (electrical space).

With these data – estimates, a first feasibility study of the overall investment is made, the key parameter of which is the location.

The construction of entirely new biomethane production units, like any similar project, requires a complex study that will deal with the selection of the two main components (anaerobic digestion unit to produce biogas) and the upgrade unit (separation of biogas into its two main components). To these must now be added the driving of the final product towards disposal – consumption.

The company Agromethane Greece S.A. can undertake and perform the entire range of activities required for the construction and operation of a Biomethane plant. These activities at the study level ensure the minimization of costs, the design of the relevant systems, preliminary site studies and, of course, the documentation of technical and economic feasibility. For the licensing of the project, it can undertake the environmental impact study, construction and production permits, where these are required. For the execution of the project, it undertakes the implementation studies of the new projects, the provision of coordination and supervision services of suppliers and construction contractors of the facility as well as the commissioning during the initial period.