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Conversion of power generation plants to biomethane

The conversion of power plants to biomethane production, like any expansion or upgrading project, requires a complex study that will address both the interconnection of the new upgrading unit (purification and separation of biogas into its two main components) with the existing anaerobic digestion plant and the driving of of the final product towards disposal – consumption.

Sustainable Engineering Ltd can undertake and perform the entire range of activities required to convert a biogas-to-electricity unit into a biomethane or hybrid unit. These activities at the study level include energy balances that ensure the minimization of auxiliary energy costs (electrical – thermal), the design of the relevant systems, the preliminary site studies and, of course, the documentation of technical and economic feasibility. For the licensing of the project, SE can undertake the review of environmental impact studies and construction and production permits, wherever these are required. For the execution of the project, it undertakes the implementation studies of the new projects, the provision of coordination and supervision services for supplies and installation constructions as well as the commissioning and operation supervision during the initial period of operation.

After the conversion, SE can perform the necessary operation monitoring, as well as the necessary routine and corrective maintenance.

The overall project (selection of solutions, facilities) includes the supply chain (injection into pipelines or transportation) of biomethane, since the related capital and operational costs significantly affect the final cost of the product at the point of delivery.